Sri Lanka has been known for its high quality spices for centuries, even before the island was ever known as Sri Lanka. The geography, location and local climate have culminated in the abundance of a rich, rare blend of spices that is a legacy in itself. The various applications of these spices in local cuisine, medicine, etc., throughout history, have virtually engrained them into the Sri Lankan heritage......read more
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Cinnamon Pepper Cloves Nutmeg Mace
The queen of Sri Lankan spices, which Dutch traders called ‘the bride around whom they danced’ read more
Another spice native to Ceylon, where it was an integral part of the national cuisine
long before the introduction of chillies from the New World, read more

Prized throughout the Old World for its antiseptic and anodyne properties as well as for its unique flavour, the aromatic bud of the clove tree was also used as a breath-freshener by Chinese
emperors.. read more

A versatile spice that changes character depending on how it is used, the flavour of nutmeg has been compared to mint, bergamot, bitter lemon and even hazelnuts...read more
The nutmeg tree produces not one but two spices. The second is mace, which is made by drying and powdering the lacy red seed-covering surrounding the nut. read more